We Offer a Variety of Clippers to Meet Your Clipping Needs

The Silver-Clip, LLC P-7 Pneumatic Bench Clipper is a versatile and capable of closing very small to very large diameter casings. The punch comes down in a controlled, gentle, yet powerful motion for a predictable closure with a pneumatic return to keep unwanted contaminants from entering the piston cylinder. It uses any of the three clip sizes that we have priced well below the competition.

The M-2 Clipper can be set for crossover or butt-together clip closure. Just flip over the punch and die, three screws, and you have a distinct machine! 

The heavy duty M-7 Clipper uses the full size SC-700 series clips and is a capable machine for nearly all size applications. 

The silver-clip, LLC air operate pneumatic P-7 Bench Clipper plus, the M-2 (pictured on the left) and (M-7 pictured on right) Clippers will each accommodate the use of three different clip sizes. This unique versatility allows the closure to accommodate any common size or material of bag; including natural casings!


  •  Highest quality precision machining clipper designs.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Everything is exposed for easy clean-up and sanitizing.
  • Knife assembly included (standard SS utility knife blade).

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